Horseback Ride


Horseback ride in a rural area with an ocean view, near the Ria Formosa area where the estate is located. We will trot along so you can enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal. As for the horses, they are extremely calm and docile, safe for all riders.

Venue: Quinta da Baleeira (location of the horses’ stable)
Price per person: €30
Duration: 1 hour
Includes: We supply helmets and protection to all participants.
Additional information: The outing is for children and adults, with or without experience with horseback riding or horses. All groups are accompanied by a monitor. Whenever there are children between ages 4 and 9, an extra monitor shall be attributed per child in order to guarantee maximum safety.


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Come enjoy some of the best scenery of Ria Formosa while riding our horses!