Walk in Rural Loulé | 18th April 2018

SUPPLIER: Proactivetur


Starting in the centre of Loulé, we will escape into a rural world where we will still encounter interesting features such as old irrigation systems, a medieval bridge, hundred-year-old mixed dryland orchards, ancient rural paths and fine viewing points. Some of the paths that farmers and shepherds once followed to get to the countryside are still in use and we will be walking along these during this day spent in the heart of the Algarve barrocal.

Venue: Loulé

Price per person: €18  - Minimum number of participants: 6 people

Duration: 4 hours


Guide specialising in walks
Emergency Kit
Personal accident insurance

Additional information:

The activity only takes place on April 18th
Activity start time: 9 am (next to Loulé Market)
End of activity: 12.30 pm


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More about Proactivetur:

We are a tourism activity company and travel agency, specialising in ecotourism and creative tourism, that has been operating in the Algarve since 2011, with huge experience in programmes of walking, birdwatching, creative experiences and the organisation of promotional events.