Cerro da Cabeça Route

Supplier: PERNATUR

Walk through the limestone deposits of Cerro da Cabeça consisting of carbonate rock from the upper Jurassic period, highly karstified. This geo-monument is significant due to its extension and the importance of its karstic formations, constituting a splendid example of megalapies. Observation of various types of rupicolous vegetation that includes very rare plants, such as the Asplenium petrarchae fern, or the narcissus (Narcissus calcicola), endemic to the Iberian Peninsula. The rocky environment of the karstic limestone also hosts significant populations of orchids. Visitors can obtain ethnographic information regarding the use and application of the plants by man. There will also be interpretation of the archaeological findings and data related to human occupation and previously performed activities, such as the lime industry.

Interpretation of the vast and rich natural heritage of this location with regard to geology, avifauna, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

Venue: Moncarapacho - Olhão - Cerro da Cabeça
Price per person: €15 
Group price: €80  / 6 - 8 pax
Duration: 3 hours e 30 minutes
Includes: equipment, guide
Additional information: Return to the accommodation unit in the municipalities of Olhão and Faro


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A PerNatur – Percursos de Natureza is a nature tourism company located in the municipality of Olhão, where it performs its activities, namely hiking in natural environments, with a significant emphasis on interpretation of natural and cultural heritage.