Urban Tour "Stories of Rocks and Fossils in the City of Loulé"


The streets, pavements, buildings and monuments of Loulé are replete with rocks and fossils. Most people don't even notice this heritage, which is why we are suggesting you take this urban tour and see the city through our eyes. We will help you discover the stories hidden in the rocks, roads, street corners and monuments that you will encounter along the way.

In reality, when you look at a rock or a fossil, you are looking at the past or, in other words, at witnesses of a place's history. This tour takes you on a journey back in time and, when it's over, you will undoubtedly see rocks and fossils through new eyes.

Venue: Loulé
Price per person: 15€
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: Guide and emergency kit.
Additional information: Level of difficulty: Easy | Minimum age recommended: 10 years

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