Quimera Experience

Address: Rua da Liberdade, 28 – Belavista 
Post code: 8400-663 Lagoa
Tel.: +351 962 647 741
E-mail: quimeraexperience@gmail.com
Website: www.quimeraexperience.com
Social media: www.facebook.com/quimeraexperience/

Our main activity is trekking. This is the activity for which we are best known by the public. We love trekking around the Algarve and showing off its trails! Our guided walks are always enriched with pertinent information about the natural surroundings and the region. Environmental awareness-raising is another of our activities, with a focus on biodiversity.

 In addition to this activity, we offer other programmes, such as our "Themed Routes", in which we introduce participants to the Algarve's gastronomic and ethnographic heritage, and our "Experiences", which allow participants to get involved in traditional activities such as picking arbutus berries (the fruit used to make medronho brandy). 

 We also organise trekking activities, outdoor yoga, wine tourism and cultural, gastronomic and environmental tours.



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