Monchique Passeios na Serra

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We are a tourist entertainment and activity company that organises guided walks in the Monchique Mountains, on the coast and the surrounding areas.

Our aim is to help you become acquainted with the best that the mountains have to offer, by organising walks along the most appealing and most appropriate trails and showing you the delights of the mountains and places that are less well-known and harder to get to.

We also include the coast in our outings, to help you see and understand the symbiosis between mountains and sea.

We promote healthy conviviality combined with gastronomy and local products. Visits to wine cellars offering medronho and liqueur tasting, honey farms, bakeries offering tasting of our typical old-fashioned tiborna with bread rolls fresh out of the oven, and contact with the locals here and there along the way are all part of our activities.

Our routes and itineraries are the result of our research in the terrain, our aim being to create a product that we identity with, a brand and a distinct range. Some paths are absolutely a permanent fixture on our itineraries, thanks to their authenticity and distinctive identities. Others are being added gradually. Luckily, the Monchique Mountains and the Algarve have an immense amount to show you beyond the beaches and the cities.

Activities From Monchique Passeios na Serra:



Boat trip to the Lagos caves and coastal walk

The Slave Route

The Water Route – Rocha Mill Trail