Casa Modesta

Morada: Quatrim do Sul
Post code: 8700-128 Olhão
GPS: 37°02'30.2"N 7°47'06.8"W
Tel: +351 289 701 096 +351 964 738 824
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Our door is open to welcome those who arrive, with the same joy with which we used to run into our grandparents’ arms as children. An old “sea dog”, Joaquim Modesto de Brito, known to everyone as “The Champion”, was the foundation of the project. There are so many memories inscribed on these walls that we, the grandchildren, could not allow them to be lost. And so Casa Modesta was born, a rural tourism establishment in a contemporary style, with nine rooms and private patios. There’s also the organic vegetable garden, the garden and the solarium, where time passes to the rhythm of the tides.



To the summertime Algarve, with one’s feet in the sand, we add the routines of those for whom it is a way of life — from gathering clams and kneading bread to harvesting and drying fruits. We take a ride on a traditional boat, go birdwatching, sponsor wild animals and, at night, we turn our balcony into a planetarium to observe the stars.

When our bodies demand relaxation, we surrender to the rituals of wellness, with the properties of olives, almonds, flower of salt, and seaweed. Some people call this “holidays”, we call it “culture”.



This is our secret: a family home that is open to tourism, in a barely known area overlooking the sea, in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, voted one of Portugal’s Seven Natural Wonders. You won’t believe us if we say that Casa Modesta is the best place in the Algarve to watch the day begin... From here, we can witness the migration of birds, the work of the shellfish gatherers, the harvesting of salt. And every day we are amazed by nature’s small miracles.



On a piece of land we made a house using traditional architecture and building expertise, as well as local materials and people. In Casa Chã, we reinterpret an ancient heritage with contemporary ideas, creating and nurturing a social and economic dynamic linked to local crafts. Based on the memory of a family and a place, Par (Plataforma de Arquitetura - an architecture platform) executed this project in the prototype of Casa Modesta.


Activities From Casa Modesta:



Accomodation and At the whim of the tides

Accomodation and Discover the “soul” of the Mediterranean in the Algarve

Accomodation and Sponsorship of Wild Animals + 1-night stay