Burros & Artes

Address: Vale das Amoreiras, apartado 19
Post Code: 8670-909 Ajezur
Tel.: +351 967 145 306
E-mail: burros.artes@gmail.com
Website: burros-artes.blogspot.com
Social media: www.facebook.com/Burros-Artes-Burros-439028859618575/


Two friends, two passions: one for donkeys and the other for traditional arts and crafts. Sofia and Elsa decided to combine their two passions into a way of life and they did so by creating the Burros & Artes (Donkeys & Arts) project in Aljezur.

 The pace set by the long-eared friends is perfect for relaxed walks through the natural landscape and countryside of the Vicentine Coast, but also for enjoying the scenery and everything the region has to offer. During the walk, the donkeys carry children or bags on their backs. Meanwhile the workshops in traditional arts and crafts provide an atmosphere of cheerfulness and creativity. There are so many different activities: from pottery and felt crafts, to nature art, modelling and painting.

Or perhaps you have a suggestion of your own? Elsa, Sofia and the donkeys are waiting to welcome you.



Other Activities From Burros & Artes:



Guided tour in the company of a donkey

Donkey & arts combo: donkey outing and pottery workshop