Algarve Sun Boat Trips

Address: Rua Cruz da Palmeira, Casa Azul, SN, 1º Andar
Post code:  8330-131 Silves
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We are a team with a passion for nautical activities and with vast experience in tourism. We had the idea of creating Algarve SUN BOAT Trip, a seafaring tour company that is environmentally friendly, with a fleet of solar powered boats for trips in the Algarve. We will be pleased to take you onboard to experience an unforgettable trip on the Arade River!

Our solar powered boats offer a pleasant and relaxing experience. They are one hundred percent electric, quiet and environmentally friendly. We are contributing to a more ecological form of tourism that does not pollute the beds of water bodies and that does not produce carbon emissions.

Combustion of one litre of gasoline produces approximately 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide and a boat consumes an average of 50 L every 100 km. We save the environment from emission of 115 kg of CO2 on a daily basis, which corresponds to a volume of 65 m3. At the end of the year, each of our solar powered boats will reduce atmospheric pollution by over 30 tonnes of CO2, with a total volume of 16,400 m3, which corresponds to 140,000 balloons full of carbon dioxide. And this is just a boat, isn’t that fantastic?!


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