Abílio Bikes Shop & Rentals

Address: Rua João Vaz Corte Real n.º 23 - A
Post code:  8800-417 Tavira
GPS:  37.138563930072756  /  -7.603007877246
Tel.: +351 917 903 706 | +351 281 323 467
E-mail: info@abiliobikes.com
Website: http://www.abiliobikes.com 
Social media:  
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We are a benchmark bicycle shop and first opened for business in 1963 in Tavira. Our mission is to defend sustainable tourism in the Algarve. Our considerable experience and training in this field mean we are able to run a specialised multi-brand facility, offering all the necessary materials and equipment for top-level competitive mountain biking and cycling.

We provide all sorts of services related to the sale of bicycles, organised outings and bicycle hire. We also offer a specialised delivery and pick-up cycle hire service to hotels and apartments located anywhere between Vila Real de Santo António and Olhão.

In addition, we provide a bicycle logistics service for tours, ensuring greater comfort and convenience for our customers.

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Bicycle outing on the roads of the Algarve uplands

Mountain bike outing along the Algarve coast and inland

Mystery bicycle outing